About the team

Sol Vikström

  1. Web Development: Background in HTML and Java programming with experience in web development.
  2. UX and Human-Computer Interaction Design: Studied system development focusing on User Experience and human-computer interaction, emphasizing creating user-friendly interfaces.
  3. Music Production: Experience in music production using Reason and Cubase, including creating and adapting music, as well as vocal work over soundtracks.
  4. Film and Game Production: Insight into game development and film production, encompassing storytelling, visual design, and scriptwriting.
  5. Digital Strategy and Social Media Campaigns: Roles in digital strategy management and social media campaign execution, showcasing skills in digital marketing and online content strategy.
  6. Project Management: Experience in project management, including overseeing a data-focused strategic resource project, demonstrating organizational and leadership skills.
  7. Publishing and Book Formatting: Proficiency in book formatting, leading to collaboration with a publishing house and starting an independent publishing company.
  8. Animation and 3D Modeling: Engagement with stop-motion animation and 3D modeling, including use of software like ZBrush.
  9. Adaptability and Continuous Learning: Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and adapt skills across various contexts.
  10. Creative Problem-Solving: A consistent approach to innovative problem-solving across different work domains.